Experience Refined Elegance with Silk Plaster® 

              Unveiling Architectural Splendor

Silk Plaster® sets the stage for a refined and luxurious Interior Architecture in San Diego, boasting a smooth burnished surface, captivating depth, and soft, luminous color. As our top-selling architectural plaster, it offers a perfect alternative to paint while overcoming the challenges of specifying lime-based Venetian Plaster in San Diego on a large scale.

Embrace the Power of Control: With Silk Plaster®, you can precisely tailor the color, burnish, and dimensional effect, adding a touch of artistry to your walls. This remarkable plaster elevates the essence of “materiality,” bringing a solid-built character to any home and inviting an irresistible urge to touch and feel its exquisite surface.

A Dance of Light and Shadows: Silk Plaster® is a sensitive register for the natural interplay of light within your space, creating an enchanting effect that is unique to each building. Its smooth surface seemingly emits, absorbs and reflects light, imbuing your interiors with a soft, natural depth and luminescence, akin to the grace of silk. Choose from flat, eggshell, pearl, or a wax-polish burnish to achieve the desired allure.

Timeless Beauty: Complementing fine woods and stone, Silk Plaster® serves as a befitting canvas for fine art, while adding a sense of wholeness to interiors, enhancing the beauty of every element around it.

Unmatched Durability: Silk Plaster® stands apart as a unique integral colored acrylic plaster infused with marble powder, offering a natural look, and  exceptional stability compared to conventional Integral Plasters in San Diego like lime Venetian plasters. Its long-lasting, natural finish comes with a guarantee of invisible repair, making it an indestructible and problem-free installation.

Embark on a Journey of Refinement: Let Silk Plaster® envelop your interiors with elegance and sophistication, redefining your living spaces. Discover a world where architectural splendor meets unparalleled craftsmanship and embrace the enduring beauty of Silk Plaster®.

Silk Plaster®  It is very long-lasting natural finish unparalleled in the wall finishing industry because it carries an unprecedented range of design/build benefits making our work indestructible, and giving installations a problem free  Total Performance Advantage 

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