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Kingsmill Encaustic Plaster® is a testament to creativity and artistry, tailor-made for designers seeking unique and stunning interior finishes. From beautifully smooth to intricately textured and translucent, our decorative plasters offer a vast array of colors, details, and effects, ranging from subtle shadows to the elaborate allure of frescoes.

Unleash Your Imagination: With our custom plasters, your interior finishes can transcend the ordinary, achieving extraordinary depth, visual texture, and vibrancy. Layering colors, luminosity, and form, our decorative plasters create captivating walls that leave a lasting impression.

An Artisanal Symphony: Derived from classic Venetian plaster and ancient Greek encaustic wax techniques, our custom plasters blend craftsmanship with innovation. From natural and romantic to cutting-edge and tailored, they cater to diverse design styles, allowing you to curate your dream ambiance.

Unrivaled Durability: Beyond their artistic brilliance, our  plasters are engineered for resilience. They boast water-resistant properties, crack resistance, and easy maintenance, ensuring your walls retain their allure for years to come.

Transform Your Space: Kingsmill Encaustic Plaster® opens doors to infinite possibilities, bringing unique, timeless beauty to your interior spaces. Elevate your walls with this masterpiece of decorative plaster, showcasing the epitome of creativity and sophistication.

Embrace the fusion of art and technology and indulge in a captivating symphony of textures and colors with Kingsmill Encaustic Plaster® – where each wall becomes a canvas, and your imagination knows no bounds.

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