Discover the transformative power of Europlaster® Architectural Finishes

An exquisite blend of natural materials that a impart a natural and solid-built substance to surfaces that feels like natural stone on moldings, pillars, balustrades and other elements. Like stone it is harder than mild steel, yet feels soft to the touch. Europlaster® decorative finishes can be used on cement, stone, synthetic moldings, plaster, stable wood, drywall and painted surfaces bringing them to life. Light plays across its subtly textured surface creating a suede-like luminescence. The minimal texture is natural and variable moving from nearly flat to a medium weight surface to creating organic surfaces. It is available in a range of naturally blended hues, from light to medium values.

Crafted using revolutionary aggregates and modern acrylic technology, Europlaster® has an ease of application methods ensuring speedy use around any shape. It has be used to render large entire homes both inside and out  walls and ceilings as a replacement for paint.

Embrace the freedom to explore multiple surfaces where Europlaster® complements various design styles, significantly enhancing the beauty and perceived value of painted architectural details.

With exceptional performance ratings and easy maintenance, Europlaster® is your gateway to enhanced interiors  exterior architecture.




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