Total Performance Advantage

Solving the hurdles of Consistent Application,  Cost and Repair for large scale application.

Nine Point Total Performance Advantages

  1. Exceptional latitude in design and color range.

      2. Precise control of effect and consistent results.

      3. Cost-efficient installation methods.

      4. Avoids unsightly ‘cold joints’ in application.

      5. Seamlessly conforms to any architectural detail.

      6. Crack resistant and more stable than conventional decorative plasters.

      7. Exterior compliant.

      8. Baseboards can be eliminated due to easy maintenance.

      9. Unique guarantee of invisible repair :

  • a. Supports designer and architect alterations
  • b. Damage easily corrected from the building process
  • c. Supports builder installation & schedules
  • d. Flexible co-ordination with others trades
  • e. Easy pristine maintenance. 
  • f. Superior investment value. 

Note: Kingsmill plasters are not as hard as some Venetian Plasters, but are tough enough to be honed with power sanders.