Los Angeles Interior Finishes

Los Angeles is a truly unique place, a town where dreams can be made in the blink of an eye, and a place where everything can be made into a statement. You’re building a new luxury home for yourself or have an existing one. What kind of statement are you looking to make? Do you want your new home to yell loudly and grab each viewer by the shirt collar until they remember the address? Or do you want your new home to softly sing lullabies into the ears of each person who enters and are compelled to just stay? If that second option sounds good to you (it sounds great to us) then look no further than Kingsmill decorative plasters.

Los Angeles Custom Interior FinishesOr perhaps you are in Los Angeles and have a grandstand luxury home project for a high profile client. As a designer, your client has asked you to present them with some options for painting/finishing that will make their new home stand out and really shine. The words decorative plaster or Venetian plaster have been tossed around as well but not yet discussed at length, and you have been given a considerable amount of freedom in your search for materials. You really want to re impress your client and present them with some decorative finishes that will really give their new home some character and soul, that are not dominating or trendy. Does it sound like we are already inside your head? Kingsmill can give you exactly the sort of decorative plaster finishes you’re looking for, that are designed for large scale application for a luxury home, so you can have space for other things.

There are so many ways our Custom Venetian Plaster can be used as well. We can make the plaster in a plethora of different colors to suit your needs, taking into account floor colors as well as various lighting requirements. Our proprietary Venetian plasters can also typically be painted over with great ease, as well as allowing for custom color enhancement in the future based on the type of color scheme you would be changing. The general versatility of our plaster wall finishes is second to none, and you will be truly content with the high level of quality we provide to each and every one of our clients, and the way in which we do so.

So if you are in the market for top shelf decorative plaster finishes in the Los Angeles area, just give us a call at Kingsmill Fine Plasters and we will give your new home the soul and elegance you’ve been looking for.