La Jolla Decorative Plaster

La Jolla Decorative PlasterLa Jolla. Home of beautiful beaches and beautiful people and even more beautiful homes. Having a luxury home in La Jolla needs a level of elegance and style that requires a very nonstandard approach to home building and remodeling. You can’t simply build a new home in La Jolla, throw some paint or plaster on there, and call it a day. After all, walls and ceilings surround you and it’s what you see the most. There is something more than paint to match the majesty of your new digs. That is where we come in. Kingsmill decorative plaster finishes will give your new home exactly the kind of soul and character needed, in a town that is nearly synonymous with soul and grace.

We use our proprietary Custom Venetian Plasters to give homes a unique and classic appearance that other plaster finishes won’t afford you. Our decorative finishes are not dominating or trendy and are also very easy to maintain, where repairs are both invisible and guaranteed. Wear and tear is a natural part of any home, and is nearly unavoidable especially in a place like La Jolla that is located so close to the beach. This is one of the strengths of our decorative plaster finishes – they are highly durable and built to last, despite very high quality of materials used in the process. Fine quality building materials are not always synonymous with the phrase ‘long-lasting’; it is often a choice of one or the other.

Kingsmill will give your home a timeless and classic look that will remain pristine and you will be able to enjoy every day. Our custom decorative plasters wall finishes will give you a unique opportunity to flesh out your home in a special way. Your luxury home deserves to shine and shimmer and Kingsmill can give you that look at a price that is practical. We can’t wait to show you what your new home is going to look like with our interior finishes.

So if you have (or are building) a luxury home and you want to give it a look that will radiate grace and style, Kingsmill will give your home all the grace it deserves. Our proprietary blends of decorative plasters are just the interior finishes you need to complete your home, and give you that feeling of warmth and spirit that should be inherent in any home. Let Kingsmill welcome you home.