Guarantee of Invisible Repair

All repairs to our proprietary plasters are guaranteed invisible, putting them in a class of their own. There is no longer the need to redo walls corner to corner. We work in the construction and remodel sector which inevitably sustains damage. Damage of any size or kind including ink stains and large patches are easily repairable. Damage will be repaired invisibly or the entire wall/ceiling will be treated at no charge. There is a nominal charge for the repair itself. “Repair” means the Kingsmill proprietary process only. It does not include drywall/substrate preparation. Small daily marks/scuffs can easily be addressed by the client or their maintenance staff.

Our products are Made with Endure Technology® which refers to an application system, formulas, proven high performance materials, and repair processes where a like-new look can be maintained for many years under any use conditions.  They are exterior compliant (though our focus is interiors), abuse-resilient, washable and crack resistant. Life-cycle is unparalleled by any other wall treatment including wallcoverings, paint, paint finishes or other decorative veneer plasters. It is not as hard as some plasters, but can be honed with power sanders used on stone.


Invisible repair guarantee



-applies to Silk Plaster® and some Kingsmill Encaustic Plaster® finishes

-does not apply to smoke damage etc. that compromises entire surfaces

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