Beverly Hills Architectural Finishes

Beverly Hills Architectural FinishesLooking for some gorgeous and unique plaster finishes to make that luxury home of yours really sing? Kingsmill Fine Plasters of Beverly Hills, using our proprietary Silk Plaster® can turn your home into a catalog-worthy masterpiece. This type of Venetian plaster finishing is truly one-of-a-kind in the industry and is not dominating or trendy. Though there are a few different ways to go about plastering your home, our Silk Plaster® holds the secret to our success. The refined beauty, general durability and consistency in application, along with the great ease with which it can be repaired, give a clear advantage over traditional paint as well as other types of Venetian plaster finishes.

Using our gorgeous Custom Venetian plaster blend, we can give your walls and ceilings a classic and soulful look that will leave you feeling as light as air. With the ability to give you a surprisingly wide array of colors to choose from, that will match to your floors and attune to the natural light scheme, our proprietary Venetian plaster is as visually pleasing as it is unique. You will be amazed at how much panache we can add how easy on the eye our plaster finishes can be.

Kingsmill decorative plaster veneers give you the ability to transform your luxury home into a piece of art, at a price that won’t make you feel like you just paid for a Mona Lisa. Our Custom Venetian plaster also comes with an unprecedented guarantee of invisible repair, something that other decorative plaster finishes cannot match on the same scale consistent with what Kingsmill can offer. This is a truly unique interior finish that will give your home a distinct and classic look that you won’t be able to obtain with paints or even other Venetian plaster finishes.

So whether you are a contractor looking for cost-effective materials for new project, or a homeowner looking to remodel and add some soul and class to our luxury home, Kingsmill should be the first (and last) stop on your shopping list. There are simply no equal alternatives to the level of elegance, aesthetic beauty and worry-free easy maintenance that our custom Venetian plaster can offer you. Give Kingsmill a call and we will have your home singing to you in no time.