Unleash the Artistry of Venetian Plaster Walls

        with Kingsmill Architectural Finishes

Elevate your interior space with Kingsmill’s unrivaled architectural finishes, a symphony of natural depth, character, and refinement. Meticulous control of color, mottling, and burnish transforms walls and ceilings, surpassing paint and conventional lime Venetian Plasters.

From the opulent “Raw” Plaster to the ethereal Watered Silk and robust Rough-Hewn, our curated selection redefines luxury. Experience Burnished “Ivory,” Encaustic, Pearlescent, and more, each a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Crafted with Endure Technology®, our proprietary finishes stand stronger and more stable than traditional plasters. Crack-resistant, exterior-compliant, and water-resistant, they endure abuse while remaining low maintenance for years, akin to premium flooring.

Not as rigid as some Venetian Plasters, our finishes offer a tactile elegance, easily honed with precision. Developed alongside industry leaders, they transcend the limitations of conventional plasters, blending advanced acrylics, ground aggregate, sand, and additives for a natural touch.

Our seasoned artisans bring these finishes to life in the field, ensuring precise, efficient, and consistent application. Since 2001, Europlaster® revolutionized wall finishes, followed by Silk Plaster® in 2006 and Kingsmill Encaustic Plaster® in 2008, expanding possibilities for complex color work. The latest addition, Marmor Plaster, pushes the boundaries of interior architecture.

At the heart of our innovation is the industry-first  guarantee of invisible repair , setting a new standard in wall finishing offering a plethora of designer and builder benefits for a total performance solution. Elevate your space with Kingsmill Architetural finishes as a game-changing solution to upgrading interior architecture.




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