Decorative Artist

John Kingsmill

John is a seasoned decorative artist, accredited color consultant, and product developer.  

In 1986 John began exploring decorative arts. He is classically trained in the decorative arts by three British master craftsmen, an Italian Venetian plaster manufacturer, and two decorative arts studios in North America. He studied at a design school and is an accredited color consultant.

As a visual artist and entrepreneur, it was a natural extension to develop proprietary products. It is also in keeping with the Italian plaster shops that have developed their own proprietary products for centuries.

John saw the opportunity to develop practical solutions beyond paint for whole house applications in fine homes and large spaces in Southern California. He determined that decorative plaster veneers were the perfect solution to achieve the sophisticated solution he was after.

John reversed engineered the practical hurdles for getting these products specified for large-scale projects. Our Artisan Plasters are uniquely pliable mediums, adding depth, warmth, light play, and solid-built presence to the interior environment.